What is Energy Star?

Did you know that a building can earn an Energy Star certification just like your refigerator?

Energy Star for buildings is a rating system which analyzes the energy efficiency of a facility in relation to its peers and assigns a score from 1-100. A building with an Energy Star score of 75 is considered to perform among the top 25th percentile and may be eligible to receive “Energy Star” certification. Energy Star buildings on average use 35% less energy than average buildings. learn more

How is it calculated?

Energy Star ratings are based on the continuous operation of a building. The Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool allows building managers to input a series of information about their building, including the energy usage information for recent months. The tool then generates a report which ranks the building’s efficiency.

Why Energy Star?

Receiving the “Energy Star” designation on a building is a significant accomplishment. The distinction indicates that the building is being operated with a high level of efficiency and you are working diligently to minimize impact on the environment. Because Energy Star ratings are based on your energy bill, improving your building score can lead to significant cost savings!