Why is efficient IT important?

IT equipment is a major consumer of energy in offices. Reducing this energy usage does not need to be complicated. There are a few basic steps that you can take to reduce the total plug load consumed by IT.

IT action items:

  • In standby mode, a typical desktop computer may use less than 10 watts per hour as opposed to more than 200 watts per hour if it's engaged in heavy use. learn more
  • Purchase energy star monitors. Energy Star computer monitors use from 25 to 60 percent less energy than standard monitors, depending on how they are used. learn more
  • Set early standby mode on computers. Standby mode allows computers to consume minimal energy and ramp back up almost instantly when an employee needs to get back to work.
  • Use plug load control units with sensors that automatically shut-off personal devices (task lights, electric space heaters, fans, printers, etc.) when not in-use.