Why is lighting important?

Lighting can often account for 30% or more of a building’s energy usage. Properly controlling and maintaining your lighting systems is crucial to realizing energy savings. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.
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Lighting action items:

  • Turn off task lights when leaving your desk for lunch, or any lengthy period of time.
  • Make sure the lights are turned off when you leave conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, etc.
  • Create signs that empower employees and remind them to turn off lights.
  • Regularly clean lamps and reflectors to prevent dust accumulation and light level loss.
  • Regularly inspect light fixtures and replace those that buzz, flicker, cause excess glare, etc. (and remember to recycle your bulbs).
  • Clean windows regularly to maintain maximum daylight transmission.
  • Adjust lighting levels according to need, rather than applying uniform levels throughout the building.
  • Replace exit signs that have incandescent lamps with light-emitting diode (LED) models.
  • Replace incandescent and HID lamps with high-efficiency fluorescent (T5 or T8) and compact-fluorescent (CF) lamps. 
  • Replace any magnetic ballasts with high-efficiency electronic ballasts.  Note: older ballasts may contain PCBs and must be disposed of properly as a hazardous material.
  • Sunlight does not cost anything to consume, and is generally abundant during the day. It has also been shown that employees receiving abundant natural light are more productive at work.

If you are a Liberty tenant, feel free to contact your property manager for help with any of the above items.