1 Country View Road - Malvern, PA


By incorporating sustainability at all stages of design, construction, and operation, 1 Country View Road significantly reduces consumption of energy, water, and natural resources. Many sustainability strategies, such as improved indoor air quality and daylighting, promote the health and well-being of building occupants. Furthermore, Liberty Property Trust will track utility consumption within the building. Benchmarking energy and water use ensures that the building performs as intended.

Quick Facts

  • 21% estimated energy cost savings when compared to a conventional office building.
  • 41% estimated potable water savings per year.
  • 83% of demolition and construction debris was recycled to avoid disposal in a landfill or incinerator.
  • 22% of building materials contain high levels of recycled content.
  • 21% of building materials were extracted and manufactured locally.
  • 100% of adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring, carpet, and composite wood are low emitting products with reduced impact on indoor air quality.

To learn more about 1 Country View Road's sustainable features, please review the links below.