1 Country View Road has reduced energy consumption

  • 1 Country View Road anticipates an energy cost reduction of 21% when compared with a typical office building. The building envelope includes improved insulation in wall and roof, with high-efficiency glazing. Energy efficient light fixtures provide sufficient light levels for office activities while using less electricity. Additionally, lighting controls such as time clocks and occupancy sensors turn off lights when the building is not in use. Lastly, a high performance heating, cooling, and ventilation system creates a comfortable indoor environment.

  • Liberty Property Trust made the commitment to track energy performance in ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. This free, online tool records energy and water consumption, enabling a user to set a benchmark and improve performance.

  • By contracting for the next two years to offset 100% of the building's electricity consumption through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Liberty Property Trust committed to support and advancement of renewable energy technologies.

  • The project team for 1 Country View Road included a Commissioning Agent to ensure all of the building's energy-related systems were installed correctly and operate to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

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