1 Country View Road is a healthy workplace

  • 1 Country View Road is equipped with large windows that provide an abundance of natural daylight and views of the surrounding landscape. Full-height windows allow daylight to penetrate deep into interior spaces, thereby reducing lighting demand.

  • The materials installed in 1 Country View Road release little or no VOCs, and promote a safe, healthy working environment. The low-emitting materials used in the project include adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring, carpet, and composite wood.

  • Ventilation systems were designed to enhance indoor air quality, optimize energy efficiency, and contribute to occupant health. High efficiency filtration media ensures that ventilation systems provide superior indoor air quality.
  • Liberty Property Trust will enforce a no smoking policy in and around the building in support of a healthy indoor environment.
  • An Indoor Air Quality Management Plan was implemented during the renovation to reduce indoor air quality problems resulting from the construction process to promote the well-being of construction workers and building occupants.
  • The green housekeeping program uses non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

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