1 Country View Road is good suburban renovation

  • 1 Country View Road is a major renovation of an existing building. The project minimized environmental impacts by utilizing already developed land and avoiding development on inappropriate sites (i.e. prime farmland, flood plain, sensitive habitat, wetlands, and park land).
  • Two bus routes are located within a quarter mile of the project.
  • The building is equipped with light-colored roofing to reduce heat island effects. The light-colored roofing material reflects light and heat, thereby lowering surrounding temperatures and reducing cooling loads.
  • Construction activities have the potential to generate pollution and damage surrounding landscapes. The General Contractor implemented an erosion and sedimentation control plan to prevent loss of soil, sedimentation of receiving streams, and air pollution from airborne dust generation.

  • Rain gardens were installed on-site to capture and treat stormwater runoff. Managing stormwater run-off improves the water quality of local rivers and streams.

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