Demand Response

One of the main components of the PECO project involves the evaluation of demand response participation in commercial office buildings. To accomplish this task, Liberty established demand response capabilities in all 10 project buildings with three levels of load curtailment.

By allowing for three levels of load curtailment, Liberty sought to maintain tenant comfort, while creating an additional revenue stream for the buildings. Through a partnership with EnerNOC, and participation in the PJM capacity market, Liberty began earning money in the summer of 2013 by shedding load.

And the impact to the tenants?

Working closely with the Rutgers Center for Green Building, Liberty has discovered through an evaluation of one of the project buildings that our demand response events have had very little impact on tenant comfort. The chart below shows how occupants of one of the project buildings responded to a demand response event.

Liberty will continue to evaluate participation in its demand response events as more conclusions are reached on the impact to occupants in all project buildings.

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