Healthy workplaces action items:

  • If possible, clean during the day/late afternoon to reduce energy usage during the night.  If you are a Liberty tenant, talk to your Property Manager to learn more about how to schedule your cleaning crews most effectively.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of cleaning equipment, which is crucial to its efficient operation.
  • Use dust trapping cleaning tools, such as microfiber cloths to avoid releasing dust back into the air.
  • Sweep outside walkways leading to the building on a daily basis and periodically clean them with a high-pressure power washer.
  • Use walk-off matting outside and inside entry. Mats should be long enough that adults step on the mat at least twice upon entering the building (typically a minimum of ten to twelve feet).
  • Vacuum mats daily with greater frequency during inclement weather. Remember to clean below mats.
  • Ensure mopping solutions are mixed using the proper amount of solvent.
  • Use low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) paints and renovation materials. VOCs are the toxic fumes released by various cleaning supplies, paints, and other materials.  Over time these compounds adversely affect employee health.